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About Us

 The Ethical Butterfly Company has been created to run alongside our main business, The Butterfly Gardener Ltd; A company that specialises in the design and creation of live tropical butterfly displays across the world.

We thought long and hard about what to do with the butterflies once they had died. Having a backlog of nearly 30 years’ worth of butterflies from my own private butterfly houses, there were literally hundreds of boxes filled with a stunningly beautiful bi-product. As none of them had been killed for framing, the majority had some damage to them and so were not in demand as set pieces.  Few of our wings or our  pieces are perfect, but to me this is part of the appeal. The fact that you know they have lived, flown, fed and reproduced. every time you look them not only do you see  beauty; but also a butterfly that has been nurtured, cared for and then preserved forever.

All of the butterflies used in our creations have died naturally in either my own private butterfly house or from others that we have close contacts with, including several in South America and Asia. We are probably one of the only suppliers of real butterfly related items that can trace every specimen back to source, therefore enabling us to guarantee 100% its ethical status.

I have had over 30 years’ experience in creating perfect environments for butterflies. The Butterfly Gardener Ltd is accredited with countless butterfly projects around the world ranging from public and private butterfly houses, butterflies in TV, Film, music videos and advertising as well as consulting for artists and designers at every level.



Luke Brown